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Friday, March 14, 2008

This just in :Bush reports "Economy in trouble"

Bush reports "Economy in trouble". Ya think?
Last night on the Glenn Beck show (how does he stay on CNN?) Glenn mentioned the oil price increases. He had on a trucker who shipped eggs from Ohio to Pennsylvania. He owns nine trucks. His daily fuel costs have gone from $3,000/day to around $7,000/day. He is a small businessman (as am I). His customer has worked with him on added fuel costs (he charges a fuel surcharge). But, his customer is also feeling a fuel pinch of a separate kind:ethanol. The wholly stupid and outrageous fraud of "ethanol" has put the cost of animal feed to the point where the cost for a dozen eggs has risen 40% in a few months. Milk prices are up. Chicken is up. Food prices are up all across the board, except for beef. Why beef? Because cattle ranchers can not feed their herds so they are selling them right now, flooding the market. In other words, they're dumping their herds before they broke trying to feed the herd. And when those herds are sold and no new herds being raised to bring to market the price of beef will skyrocket. Add in transportation costs and I have a question for GWB: When the hell are you blithering idiots in D.C going to get the hell OUT-OF-THE-WAY? Why on earth are you putzes in D.C. forcing us to put our food into our cars? And why aren't we drilling in ANWR, the coastal shelf and the Gulf of Mexico?
And the credit crisis? Made up completely from D.C. and the Fed Res playing with the market. And market forces will will out. They always do. Always.
GWB said at the Renewable Fuels Conference "
If you're a hog-raiser in the United States, you're beginning to worry about the cost of corn to feed your animals. I'm beginning to hear complaints from our cattlemen about the high price of corn. The high price of corn is beginning to affect the price of food. " Crimeny George, you're JUST discovering this ? And you're only hearing from cattle ranchers. Ya got a filter on your email client that stops any and all emails from all but cattle ranchers? But, not to be deterred from a failed policy, he soldiers on like Napoleon going to Moscow. In his very next statement he proclaims " And so we got to do something about it, and the best thing to do is not to retreat from our commitment to alternative fuels, but to spend research and development money on alternatives to ethanol made from other materials -- for example, cellulosic ethanol holds a lot of promise. I'm sure there are people in the industry here that will tell you how far the industry has come in a very quick period of time." ARRRRrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!! The only reason that "the industry" has come so far in a very quick period of time is because of government subsidies and mandates. You people have forced this crap on us. How many days before this type of insanity ends? Bad news on the ethanol front: not for at least for another 58 months. Hillary, Obama and McCain are all ethanol/biofuels/climate change acolytes. And there are way too many of their disciples in Congress. And Archer Daniels Midland puts too much money into Washington. As do so many other lobbyists (including AARP, NEA. etc.).
So, a few simple solutions for these problems here (that will some time to work their way through the market):
Four real simple solutions (this only a start):
  1. Stop and end all ethanol subsidies and mandates and any and all related mandates and subsidies. Immediately. Permanently. Forever. Got it?
  2. Start drilling in ANWR, the coastal shelf and the Gulf of Mexico. This morning. No later than after lunch.
  3. Dump the CAFE standards. Repeal the horrible new energy bill. And encourage Detroit to tell D.C. to drop dead as they have no Constitutional authority to impose any CAFE standards. Remember, CAFE standards kill people.
  4. Stop interfering in the credit markets. NOW! 85 years ago the tinkering of D.C. and the Fed Res set up all the conditions for the 1929 Crash. And the efforts of Washington to correct their own problem gave us The Great Depression.(Yah, I linked it twice. It's that important to read what happens when the government helps to find solutions to the problems it creates).
Again, simple. But not easy. It involves a whole bunch of super egos to admit they were wrong. Have been for decades. We conservatives have known it for decades. Yet for some mysterious reason, voters keep electing these people. I don't get it. I never have.
The only thing that will stop this is when your pain becomes so intolerable that Americans will finally vote the truth,not the empty promises.


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