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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things to Remember during the next School Referendum and School Board election

Your Tax dollars at work --

This is who the School officials think is appropriate to inform the students about war and peace.

(This is a picture of the protester the Prior Lake School District uses for guidance for their assembly)

(Weekly War Protest.
Notice the UN flag raised, US flag lowered.
He mission is to make the UN a world Parliament)

According to school officials, This is who is a bad influence on our children (Forest Lake)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are wrong. This picture on the bridge has absolutely nothing to do with the PL-S School district. It is not taken in the district and no one in the photo has any PL-S clothing on. If you look at the photo you notice he has a flag in each hand and for you to infer his thoughts and feelings about the USA from a split second picture is pretty desperate (Most likely, he momentarily dropped his arm). One might think you would congratulate him on exercising his constitutional right of assembly.

3:52 PM  
Blogger Savage Republican said...

I have updated the photo to make it clear.
The PL School District held a "Peace Rally" based on his organization.
So yes, this is who the PL School districts feel should teach our children.
And no, the UN flag is not momentarily raised, this is how he always has it.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous The Savage said...

One more reason my kids will never set foot in a public school. They are in school to learn, not to be used as political pawns.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were you at the "peace rally", as you call it? Did this man speak? Was his name ever mentioned? Has the school board tried hiring him?

You and your claims seem extraordinarily disingenuous since, I suspect, you would never set foot in a public school as I infer from your comment about your kids never doing so. If the answer to these questions is no, you really don't know what happened there at all, do you?

5:44 PM  
Blogger Savage Republican said...

One did not have to be at the Peace Rally to find out what happened. I contacted the school about it and confirmed the information.

The picture is of the founder of World Citizen which is the source of the material used by the school for the peace pole and assembly.

Yes, his named was mentioned and continues to be mentioned.

When I asked the school for background information on World Citizen and it's leadership - they were very vague on knowing anything.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your right to an opinion, even when you are so obliviously wrong.

I know the parties involved in the Peace Site Dedication ceremony (not quite the same thing as a “Peace Rally” – but I’ll give you that one), I know the administration at PLHS, I know the students and teachers at the school. Aside from “asking the school for background information” on World Citizen or contacting the school to “confirm the information” (what information did you confirm, btw?) – all of which I assume you asked of the person who answered the phone – have you ever tried talking directly to the people involved? If so, these would be some details I think would give your case some credibility. Here are some facts:

1. How can Lynn Elling NOT be an appropriate source of information on war and peace? He’s a WW 2 vet, with experience on both sides of the issue. You make it sound as if Mr. Elling is the sole source of information about the world. How naïve. Did you know that every year in early November the US History classes have veterans of all kinds attend class as guest speakers? Did you know that 9th grade social studies classes just this past month had a PLHS graduate and Iraqi War veteran in to speak about his experiences? Did you know that several of the staff at PLHS are veterans themselves? Please. Lynn Elling is one of many and varied points of view on the world, and the specific views of World Citizen are not, and have not been, espoused in the school.

2. “According to school officials, This is who is a bad influence on our children”. Um, no. Neither school officials (PLHS, HOMS, TOMS, etc.) nor school district officials (ISD 719) have ever stated, implied or inferred that the Vets for Freedom Tour is a bad influence on our children. How disingenous of you to imply this is so. This occurred in Forest Lake, not Prior Lake. You might want to check to make sure you live in the correct place.

3. I would think one would have to have been at the Peace Site Dedication to know what really happened. I was there, I also know the people involved: Lynn Elling’s name was never mentioned and neither was World Citizen (however, the five guiding principals of being a Peace Site, which do come from the World Citizen organization, were discussed and explained by the students who organized this event); and while these guiding principals of being a Peace Site do come from WC, once again as stated many times during the whole process, the designation of PLHS as a Peace Site is about the school itself and the student body, not about advocating for a one world government and its black helicopters. By the way, the Peace Poles are not from the World Citizen organization. They were purchased from an organization in Michigan no directly associated with WC. You should see them, they are beautiful. Stop by some time and have a look.

4. “Yes, his named was mentioned and continues to be mentioned.” Unless you are referencing a conversation with whomever answered the telephone at PLHS or the district when you called, this is patently false. Get it right. If you wanted background information on WC from the secretary who answered the phone, you were barking up the wrong tree. Did you contact the district office? Did you talk to the superintendant or the communications director for the district? Did you talk to the committee members who planned this event? If the answer is no, you talked to people who wouldn’t possibly know the information you were looking for; in fact, it sounds more like (if you talked just to whomever answered the phone) you made the obligatory call to say you contacted the district, but only to suite your own agenda.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: The Peace Site Dedication ceremony was also about honoring a long time community servant and wonderful human being, Dr. Craig Olson, former principal of PLHS. This was an integral part of the ceremony, which you totally neglect to mention.

10:23 AM  

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