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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tears for Sara Jane-no

Former parolee and convicted murderer Sara Jane Olson (scratch that. SJO is an alias. Her legal name is Mrs. Kathleen Soiah) got yanked back to prison.
And the wails of anger from her friends:
Apologist Wendy Know said about convicted murderer Olson's (sorry Soliah) return to prison-"
To put her and her family through that is one more unconscionable act. I just think this kind of treatment is cruel. It's unconscionable to put her through one more thing like this. It's unbelievable!"
Dear Wendy, you insensitive, ignorant, left wing s**t.
Look at this picture:

This a picture of Myrna Opsahl. She was the woman murdered when Cookbook Queen Sara Jane (then known as Katherine Soliah) robbed the Crocker Bank that day in 1975.
She was making a deposit from her church. She was cut down by a shotgun blast because she didn't move fast enough. She was a mother of four. Her husband was a doctor at the hospital she was rushed to.
One of Soliah/Olson's fellow murderers, Emily Harris, said about the killing of Mrs. Opsahl:"Oh, she's dead, but it really doesn't matter. She was a bourgeois pig anyway. Her husband is a doctor. He was at the hospital where they brought her ".
One of the four pukes who robbed that bank that day kicked a pregnant teller in the stomach that caused her to go into premature labor.

And to add grossness to this radical left-wing insensitive vomit fest, Murderer Soliah's lawyer screamed this vileness:"
This is like the Gestapo picking up somebody off the street," Nickerson said."
Yah. The Gestapo. (I mentioned this to friend in Florida-his comment was if this were like the Gestapo, Aspiring Lead Actress in the Vagina Monologues Soliah would never be seen again.)
Outrage that Murderer Soliah has to go back to prison.
Spare me now please!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't our little terrorist's husband a Doctor? Wouldn't that make poor lil Sara Jane a bourgois pig also?


9:10 AM  

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