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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tears for Sara Jane-no Part II

And now, for your review, regurgitation and revulsion, the further pleadings , sorry, pitiful whining from the repulsive radical left wing apologists for the mother killing Kathleen Soliah:
Olson was literally snatched by the board in the dark of night and imprisoned without notice, without a hearing and without an explanation. "
My reply:"Myrna Opsahl's innocent life was literally snatched from her and she was imprisoned in a grave, without a hearing and without an explanation."
The board's action took a huge emotional toll on Olson and her family. "
My reply:"Cold blooded Kathleen Soliah and her fellow murders action took a huge toll on Mrs. Opsahl and took and continues to take a huge emotional toll on Mrs. Opsahl's family."
Once an inmate is released on parole, the board can only suspend or revoke her parole"
My reply:"Once these lawless, self-congratulating, unremorseful pukes took Mrs. Opsahl's life and imposed their evil will on Mrs. Opsahl' and her family, they can't revoke or suspend the death sentence they forcibly imposed on her and her family."

Let's be real clear here kids, Kathleen Soliah could and should have been indicted for first degree murder. A fourteen year sentence with seven years served is a gift. A gift. They gave Myrna Opsahl an eternal death sentence. No parole, no time off for good behavior.
So, SHUT UP!!!
Wow, sounds like I'm angry. And repulsed.
I am.


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