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Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's not too late for Sanity in Scott County

Courtesy Minnesota Majority -
Tell Your Metro County Commissioners to Reject the Tax Increase

There may still be an opportunity to block a portion of the massive $6.6 billion transit bill passed by the Minnesota state legislature. The transit bill included over $1.1 billion of funding for mass transit boondoggle programs, funded by an increase in the metro-county sales tax and an increase in the vehicle excise tax.

According to our sources, these tax increases must be ratified by a resolution passed by the Board of County Commissioners within each of the seven metro counties in which these tax increases are to go into effect.

If a County Board rejects the tax increase, it cannot be imposed upon the citizens of that county. If enough constituents take the time to contact their County Commissioners, there’s a chance that we may be able to block these tax increases in some counties.

We have heard that some County Commissioners are telling constituents that they can't stop the sales tax and the vehicle excise tax. Have them read this section of the bill passed by the state legislature. It clearly states that the County Boards must pass a resolution for these taxes to go into effect.

Scott County Commissioners

District Name Phone Alt Phone Email
Dist 1 Joseph Wagner 952-445-7750 612-270-2660
Dist 2 Bob Vogel 952-445-7750 952-461-2384
Dist 3 Jerry Hennen 952-445-7750 952-445-1013
Dist 4 Barbara Marschall 952-445-7750 952-477-5748
Dist 5 Jon Ulrich 952-445-7750 952-447-2286


Blogger wolfden shakopee said...

I just finished emailing each commissioner personally, hope that they will consider rejecting this poison pill of a deal. A copy below for ideas to include in a letter.

Dear Commissioner xxxx,
We are writing you today to urge you to reject the 1/4% sales tax increase in Scott County. It has come to our attention that the sales tax increase that was recently past by the Minnesota legislature has a provision that enables some counties to reject the increase, SCOTT COUNTY IS ELIGIBLE TO REJECT THE INCREASE. It will be a feather in our cap as a county to have a lower sales tax; it will encourage more consumers to spend money in our county. History has shown that lower tax rates actually increase government revenue.
We encourage you to not take the bate that is being offered to pass this sales tax increase. It is a poison pill that will add an additional layer of government to the state, the appointment of another government body which a member of the Scott county commissioners will have to be part of if the county approves the increase. An additional layer of government that is not needed, not wanted, and will be permanent. It is our belief that all of us really need to consider what direction the metro is headed. Our family has already made a point of reducing our spending in Hennepin County because of their stadium sales tax of .15%. This has been a benefit to Scott County as we will not shop across the river unless absolutely necessary. Imagine what .40% difference will do, i.e. .15% + .25%. It is our belief that consumers will flock to Scott County from nearby Hennepin and any other adjoining county that pass this sales tax.

So what will that mean for Scott County to reject this tax increase?

Additional retail businesses seeking to move to Scott County result: added property tax.
Additional sales at existing retail business in Scott County, result: added property tax via higher business valuations.
Additional consumers wanting to move to Scott County to escape the higher sales tax, result: added sales tax, added property tax, higher home valuation i.e. added property tax.
Reduction in government for Scott County, how? No need for a commissioner to be part of the new layer of government that will be added by approving the tax increase.

We challenge you to tell us the benefits to Scott County of accepting the 1/4% tax increase.

We urge you to VOTE NO.
Thank you for your support on this very important matter.

6:06 PM  
Blogger wolfden shakopee said...

Can you imagine how the residents of Cook County IL must feel.
10.25% Sales tax. Thier county just approved a 1% hike to make them the highest taxed county in the country. It will be interesting to see how quickly their revenues will decline over the next couple of years.
See story.

8:21 AM  

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