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Monday, March 03, 2008

"Because they can..."

The SD35 Republican convention was this weekend. In even numbered years the convention business is to endorse candidates and vote on resolutions. Every two years we endorse for the House of Representatives and every four years we endorse for the Senate also. Senator Claire Robling (R-SD35) gave her report on the Senate. She talked about the Senate vote not to confirm Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau head of MNDOT. Sen. Robling was very upset. She said that Carol Molnau was her representative and was also the one who encouraged her to run for Senate. And Sen. Robling was very clear that the only reason that the Senate DFL majority fired Carol Molnau was because "They could." The DFL has a long memory and no patience. Or grace. Or humility. Or logic. Or economic sense. They are a vindictive lot. And with a veto proof majority they are drunk with power. Sen. Robling also talked about the DFL victory in Tom Neuville's district (SD25) that gave the DFL the ability to override a gubernatorial veto-which they have.
The House of representatives is in a parallel strait. With an overwhelming majority in the House, the DFL is again very emboldened. And the Republicans have no one else but themselves to blame. As Savage Republican has pointed out the problem isn't that aren't enough Republicans in the House. The problem is that aren't enough conservatives (as witnessed by the 6 RINOs that voted with the radical left to override the governor's veto of the largest tax increase in Minnesota history-just when we're looking at an economic slowdown). And why is there now the largest tax increase in Minnesota history that goes NOT for roads and bridges but buildings and bike paths?
"Because they can..." It's what they do. And it's what they do to you.
Ron Carey , Executive Chair of the MN GOP showed up to address the SD35 Convention. I talked to him briefly before his address. I was clear that a perfect confluence of events, given to us by the DFL, has transpired . And that if the MN Repubs can not take back the House this election cycle, the Repubs need to close up shop and clip coupons for a living.
Unfortunately, his address was boiler plate, off the shelf stuff. Here was a golden opportunity to get the troops ready for the upcoming battle. And it was,rather unfortunately, missed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amendment X: And you know that the Republicans would not do the same or worse because you served in a Republican majority? Unfortunately, the quest for and the passionate need to hold on to power is not unique to either party. Perhaps there was a reason why the Constitution has no provision for political parties; perhaps there is an inherent danger of allowing the mixing of party and public servant that the framers recognized. Because of some persons' need to "do good" for themselves and others the means justify the ends. All you need do is review how SD 35 operated on Saturday: Throw the truth sayer out!!

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Steve Olson said...


We need to elect people who believe in a small limited constitutional republic regardless of political party. Right now all the small government officials are in the Republican Party so that is where i can do the most good. Unfortunately many other Republicans are big government types. I will not support them... ever.


Who threw the truth sayer out? I was there. Be more specific. I've been to conventions which were completely rigged. I thought SD35 was very open and fair... a bit disorganized at times, but open and fair. I do agree that the Republicans squandered their opportunity when in power, but all that matters is what we do next. We can't afford many more years of socialists in charge.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Amendment X said...

I was there also. I have only a quite vague notion what the anonymous commenter meant. I didn't see anyone thrown out.
Also, I never served in the majority. Or minority for that matter.
I wish anonymous was a bit more clear.
Perhaps instead of speaking in vague terms, he (or she) would dare to much more detailed?

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to Mr. Olson: Some years ago I formally debated a past leader of the American Socialists, a now deceased gentleman by the name of Michael Harrington. It is not the "Socialists" I fear. I lean more toward the reality that Alexis de Touqueville warned us about in the mid-19th century. I suggest that your concern should be with those highly organized special interest groups that are taking taxpayer dollars. These sophisticated "investors" in our system are why I am concerned about the huge dollars going into political campaigns and the loss of the vision of "Federalism" that Ronald Reagan brought to the political debate of our country. I would suggest that the passage of the 17th amendment to our Constitution may have been the enabler taking the federal government even further from the people while eroding states' rights. Image having your local legislator have to explain the actions (or inactions) of the U.S. Senator that he or she supported. While I am sure all had a good time at Saturday's Convention, the two advertised reasons for being there were to pass on the resolutions to the State Convention for consideration in the State Party Platform and endorse a House candidate from the respective geographic areas to support in the next election. (I omit the election of delegates to the Congressional District Convention for obvious reasons.) I suspect Amendment X has an understanding of the errant endorsement process. I did not wish to try and teach an American history lesson, so suffice it to say that I have deep philosophical problems with mixing political candidates with political party leadership positions. Each has a unique role to play: Political parties exists as a civil organization or people bonded together with a set of governance beliefs; political candidates should be free agents allowing them to state their beliefs and if most agreeable to a party be supported by that group. You have probably seen the result of patronage in states other than Minnesota -- while the party in power enjoys the benefits of governance, those out of power are denied opportunity or engagement or even employment! This situation exists because there is not a separation of the party and the candidate. (Believe it or not, if you have ever seen a "Certificate of Election" there is nowhere on the document to check "Party Affiliation" and the per diem checks - if you are inclined to accept them - are from the State of Minnesota.) There is a reason why the word "endorse" rather than "employee" or "party hack" is used. Please accept my apology for this lengthy commentary as I am usually more succinct.

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am still confused, about what you mean errant endorsement process. During the convention the search committee was asked about the endorsement process and all in attendence felt the process was open and fair.

I am also confused by the statement:
"Candidates with political party leadership positions"

I know of no candidates or elected officials that hold any party leadership position. In SD35 or for that matter at a state level.

Perhaps the poster doesn't understand the meaning of the words non-voting ex-offico members.

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Steve Olson said...


You mention we should be concerned with, "highly organized special interest groups that are taking taxpayer dollars" and I agree. construction contractors, universities, public schools, ethanol, and thousands of other private and public entities from Wal-Mart to Monsanto. What you are describing is a form of socialism which was once called fascism or corporatism, today it has changed its name and form and isn't obvious or overt. But try to oppose a school tax referendum publicly and you'll find the thugs at your home at night.

The only way to combat this is to severely limit the authority of government at all levels.

Starve the beast of money.

But this has nothing to do with the SD35 endorsement process. Our representatives are some of the best in the state. Do I think they could do better? Yes, a couple of them could, but all things considered... we'd be foolish to abandon them. Instead let's let them know where we stand and tell them to be courageous because we are. Show them the way.

BTW, blogging should be transparent. Hiding behind anon doesn't help. We should be open and honest about who we are and what we believe. That will encourage other to join us.

9:06 PM  
Blogger The Lady Logician said...

Anon 1- If you are going to make accusations about how the Convention was run Saturday, why don't you contact me directly. This condemnation via anonymous comment shows the validity of your accusation. If you have real concerns, contact the chair.....ME.

Steve - again thanks so much for your fantastic participation on Saturday. I suspect that I have an idea who Anon 1 is talking about and the person in question was not thrown out but left of his own volition because he could not bait the Executive Committee into a fight.

"suffice it to say that I have deep philosophical problems with mixing political candidates with political party leadership positions."

Again Anon - those are serious charges and yet you choose to bring them up here instead of taking it up with the Chair. I wonder why that is? Could it be because you know that you don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to these accusations?

You know where to find me Anon. Give me a call.


10:04 PM  
Blogger Amendment X said...

Steve- Hopefully you've read more than just this one post. My nom de plume Amendment X refers to the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I've written that I'm a born again Christian with libertarian leanings that is still in the Republican Party. I'm willing to accept smaller government on the way to small government. I've railed against people who call America a democracy. We do live in a functional democracy-quite unfortunately as the Founders gave a republic.
Anonymous- I'd like to think I can follow a logical, linear presentation. But you nibble and sniff around the edges about the SD35 Convention. I'll ask you one more time to be specific and detailed about your your objections/concerns/complaints that you encountered at SD35.

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Steve Olson said...


I have read your posts and I find what you say useful and enjoyable. I was a mainstream conservative for many years, but as I've aged, and as I've watched the Republican Party squander the '94 revolution and then waste six years with all three branches of the federal government, I've become far more libertarian. Not on all things, but many. I am passionate about "the complete separation of education and state." I am a strong proponent of small schools, co-ops, and homeschooling I have also been very critical of John McCain, and I refuse to support him under any circumstances. I've been burned to many times before. My wife feels even stronger about than I do.

2:43 PM  

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