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Monday, March 10, 2008

And now, more adventures of Our Little Amy

Today, as we peek in on Our Little Amy, we observe her excellent and awe inspiring adventures and insight as a bio-pharmacologist and business mogul (here):
Seems that about 3,000 children a year are born with a heart condition called PDA (patent ductus arteriosis). It's a heart defect that can be cured with either a drug ( that's manufactured by a company called Ovation Pharmaceuticals ) or with surgery. Pretty neat. But,oh no- not for Our Little Amy!
The drug, called Indocin I.V. was researched and developed by Merck. Merck sold the drug to Ovation. Ovation now manufactures and distributes the drug. When Merck sold Indocin, the therapy cost $108. Ovation charges $1500. And Our Little Amy sees that the vile, repugnant and evil Ovation is reaping huge, unconscionable windfall profits on poor defenseless little babies (the same babies that Our Little Amy is more than happy to have killed via abortion). And Our Little Amy is NOT going to let this injustice go unpunished, I tell you! "
We need to highlight how messed up the system is when a pharmaceutical company can rip off premature infants with bad hearts," she said Friday." You go girl!! Now, vile repugnant Ovation throws up a paltry and easily laughable defense-"It's a complex process when you're moving manufacturing from one facility to another, let alone one company to another," said Sally Benjamin Young, a spokeswoman. " Ha! We all know that Our Little Amy is an expert in bio-pharmacology.We also know that Our Little Amy, being an expert in all the thick books of all the FDA regulations that both Merck and Ovation had to know, meet and comply with to even begin the process of selling Indocin, well she saw right through that little charade of an excuse that Ovation laughably offered. Also, that Our Little Amy, with her vast background in business, drug manufacturing, margin and recovery costs (just to name a very few of her areas of expertise) knows that Ovation is just heartless. She, of course, knows that Merck is huge and makes billions of dollars (most earned unethically, of course) and that Merck may have buried the cost of this orphan drug (any drug with a prospective treatment audience of 200,000 or less) in and amongst all it profits on other pharmaceuticals. Naturally Our Little Amy then immediately recognized that Ovation's price was WAY beyond what perhaps the actual manufacturing , recovery, acquisition and compliance costs may be in that the treatment audience is only 3,000. And Our Little Amy was willing to severely punish Ovation for taking a business risk-"She's calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate and wants the Food and Drug Administration to move faster to approve generic versions of the drug, which would cost far less" . OK, that should serve as a warning to any and all bloodsucking pharmaceutical companies that Our Little Amy isn't going to stand for companies profiting from innovation and risk taking! How dare they meet and comply with FDA regulations, EEOC, OSHA, IRS to find miracle drugs for us. Why, there might even be people out there who would say "Ya' mean there's a drug that for only $1500 can cure a heart condition in a little baby? WOW. Don't we live in the greatest nation on earth?" They need to be shown the error of their ways! And Our Little Amy has the vast and deep knowledge to do just that! Never mind that Ovation is the only company that makes a drug for PDA. But ah, Our Little Amy knows that there are 100's of companies chomping at the bit to make a generic version of a drug with just 3,000 possible customers. Does the wonderment and amazement of her knowledge, insight, wisdom and acute business acumen ever end? And we are so blessed to have Our Little Amy as, well, Our Little Amy out there working for us as a bastion against all those innovative pharmaceutical companies that could come up with, well, who knows what overpriced miracle drug .
Be sure to tune in again for the further adventures of Our Little Amy!
And be sure to visit Our Little Amy's sponsors :The Joseph Stalin School of Business and Management and the Hugo Chavez Academy for Advanced Political Thought.


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