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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yes, you told us...and you KEEP telling us ad nauseum

Recovering from the gifts of Mr. Flu, I blogged yesterday after opening my computer for the first time in four days. After I posted I saw Savage Republican's post on, well, I'm not quite sure what the post was on. He has been direct in supporting Mike Huckabee. Well, it appears that he thinks he's supporting Mike Huckabee. But, you'd never know it from the screeds he's posted regarding Mitt Romney. And especially this last one. I've told Savage Republican that he's been arguing policy, desperately arguing policy while completely ignoring the politics. I've talked to many other conservatives who have the distinct feeling and have stated as such that they see Mike Huckabee using the Baptist Church like John Kerry used his Vietnam experience-shamefully.
Now, Savage Republican and I have always been closely aligned politically, ideologically. We have had one large and dynamic split- Huckabee for him, Romney for me (after Thompson backed out).
This is hopefully as close as you'll get to seeing internecine warfare here on the pages of
That being said, I have no idea why Savage Republican continues to rant on about Mitt Romney even three weeks after Governor Romney DROPPED OUT.
And Mike Huckabee seems absolutely dead set on his desire to become the the 21st century Harold Stassen.
Knock yourself out guys!
Ain't America great?



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