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Friday, February 08, 2008

Too slothful, too ignorant, too complacent to be inconvenienced to vote

The caucuses are over in MN. The whining started before the straw poll votes on all the Post-It Notes were even tallied.
Calls for a Presidential Primary were rampant, especially from the DFL . And why these rising voices against being "disenfranchised"? Because people were "inconvenienced".
Here are some comments from the Prairie Pravda story linked above with my thoughts:
Unfortunately, my voice could not be heard in the caucus last night. I showed up at the precinct to find that I had to sit through an hour meeting and THEN vote. Well, this just didn't suit my schedule (due to a prior commitment) and I had to leave. -mollymay" "Just didn't fit my schedule". A splendid reason to abolish a grassroots system of political involvement from people in your very neighborhood. Maybe you could let your local party leaders know your schedule in advance so the whole state could be run for your convenience. Please get back to us when your schedule permits.
The Republican caucus system is ALREADY not for everyone ... an evening caucus at a set time already favors (a) those who aren't going to have to hire a babysitter in order to go (b) those with no other obligations in the evening. A primary that is open all day enables everyone to find a time to go and vote.-spmerrill" Let me see if I have this straight- here is a date certain at a time certain that is set months ahead. And there are some people who "aren't going to hire a babysitter" seems like a choice to me. These people chose not to hire a babysitter. Good for them. A choice. And if they chose to bring their children, I didn't see, I didn't post, I wasn't asked to post and I wouldn't post a "No Children Allowed" sign. What's the problem here? I saw plenty of children at our caucuses. And "those with no other obligations in the evening"? Again, how important is it for you to get to your caucus? Seems like spmerrill made a choice. And the caucus was number three in importance. Also seems that spmerrill was looking for the wrong caucus. Spmerrill is right about the fact that the Republican caucus system is ALREADY not for everyone- Whiny snivelers like spmerrill: the DFL caucuses are for you. Go there and whine.
I was denied the right to partiapate(sic) because I work nights and am unable to attend the caucuses without getting a blemish on my work record-busyboybill" Dear victim busyboybill you whiney sniveler or sniveling whiner (we believe in diversity, pick a title you like)- don't know how to break this to you, but you do not a right to caucus. Plus you are exactly what we've come to expect from a public education. You did have a right to choose which was more important to you: attend a caucus or get a blemish on your work record. You chose what worked for you. You chose that job. That night job. With no blemishes (according to you). If night work proves a disadvantage to you, get another job. But quit sniveling while you whine. Go to the little whiney girls caucus: the DFL. Meanwhile, shaddup!
Primaries are a much more democratic way to select. Many people are either intimidated by caucuses, or unable to attend.-Biddie" Ah Biddie, you sniveling whiner. So, you prefer something other than YOUR neighbors getting together and discussing what's important to YOUR neighbors. It's better to have a primary with a slick run media campaign with sound bites that don't really and never did inform voters? What on earth is more democratic that the people that live on each side of you meet to discuss and vote on issues important to them? True grassroots politics going ground-up is less democratic? The reason someone is "unable to attend" is because they are in a coma, trying to extricate themselves from a flaming car wreck, in prison, dead (not an excuse not to vote for a Democrat however) or they choose not to attend. And what do you mean they're "intimidated"? Intimidated by sitting on their butts and listening and putting a mark on a small paper ballot? That intimidates them? Yikes! These people must be miserable with the thought of drowning in a shower or in a hard rainstorm. Ah, but wait: when we finally have a Universal Health Care system with all the panache' and success of the Canadian health care system, delivered by the candidates at your DFL caucus, all those phobias can finally be addressed. In the meantime, they still need to stop sniveling while they whine. And you: stop whining while you snivel. Get over to your next intimidating DFL caucus. Hope you "feel" like you're able to attend. And I hope that you don't "feel" intimidated.
Reading these snivelings from these whiners (or whining from these snivelers) goes to prove that we need "reasonable" controls on voting and caucus attending.
I will not be shocked when these little whiney girls want to have a law passed where they can get decaf soy milk lattes after 6:00 p.m if they attend their non-intimidating, mandated provided child care at their conveniently scheduled , fragrance free, affirmative action cleared, empowering, non-judgmental, bio-diverse, non-speciism, PETA, AFSCME,NEA approved, non-peanut snack provided caucuses that has a reduced carbon footprint.
In the meantime, let the adults attend to the business of caucuses.


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