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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time to watch like a hawk

Four dead children in SW Minnesota. Details at first were sketchy. Today, there are more.
One of the victims tells of what he saw: "
I saw the maroon van run a stop sign, it blew over the railroad tracks and hit the bus, sending it sliding into me,” Hancock, 47, said from his hospital bed in Sioux Falls, S.D. “The next thing I knew, they were hauling kids out and it was chaos. And the driver of that maroon van? " Authorities have identified the van driver as Alianiss Morales, 23, who neighbors say works as a turkey processor at the Jenny-O plant in Montevideo, Minn. She pleaded guilty in 2006 to driving without a valid license and paid a $182 fine. State records show Morales has no valid driver’s license, but was issued a Minnesota state identification card." Now, the Star Tribune could get a statement from Hancock, but nothing from Morales? They had to talk to her neighbors and all they could find out was that she worked as a turkey processor? Nothing more? And no drivers license, but a MN state ID card? A prior conviction for driving without a valid drivers license. There are way too many red flags popping up here.
This is a story I'm going to stay on top of.


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