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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thanks Normie, Diane, Hillary, George, Chuck, et al

I'm still waiting to see one report showing that biofuel, biodiesel, or whatever is worth a damn-except to corn farmers. As an aside, I have a friend who has a number of pork growers as clients who are plenty steamed at ethanol because of the huge increase in feed costs because of the extreme market dislocation due to ethanol subsidies. Do you think the feds and states will bail out the pork farmers too along with keeping any and all other price supports and subsidies? Bet on it. And no squawks from the pig farmers. Oops, a correction: the Feds and states won't bail the pork farmers out: you will. By force. Now, on to the reason for the blog.
Hugo Chavez has stopped oil sales to Exxon-Mobil. Venezuela is our fourth largest oil supplier.
So, Senators Coleman, Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer , McCain and President Bush: why aren't we drilling in ANWR, the Gulf of Mexico, the coastal shelves off Florida and California? We have an oil economy. Period. The government only destroys markets. So it can not create one. We need oil. It's a wonderful source of energy. Ethanol, biodiesel, wind does not and has not and will not work. Oil does.
Hey Norm: you are all flummoxed about Northwest Airlines merging with Delta and 2,000 jobs going away. Well, you weren't concerned enough. When Northwest was restructuring under bankruptcy, the modeled cost per barrel was $65. And Northwest management was thought to be quite prudent. Well, $65 bbl was some time ago. And where would oil prices be if we had ANWR online now? If we were bringing in oil from the Gulf? And all the prices linked to oil? And it's OUR oil, produced close to our shores and/or inside our borders. Secure, safe, and ours. Dependable, efficient, effective and now.
No debate. Just get out of the way.


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