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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Last week before Mr. Flu gave me an early birthday present, I came across A Prairie Pravda "Letter of the Day". It was about the author's outrage at the shootings at NIU. She was mentally and emotionally exfoliating. What I usually do is drop to the end of the letter to see if the author confesses to being a member of any group. She did not.
Her first statement was "
How many have to die like this, in our civilized democracy, before we decide we have had enough?" A rather peculiar question, but I read on. Then came the money quote: " I am tired of the arguments, neatly and tightly worded and provided by the National Rifle Association. You know, "Guns don't kill -- people do" or "We have the right to bear arms" or "It was our forefathers' plan for our citizens to be able to arm themselves." Blah, blah, blah." And all her irrationality was suddenly laid naked. She went to blame all parties:"It is an election year. Why doesn't either side ever want to bring the issue of guns in our society to the table? I mean, really bring it to the table, not just package it up, shrug our shoulders and turn to other issues. Gun "control" as we have now means there is no control at all. Our country is out of control, and I am afraid we are all becoming numb to it."
Well, Ms. Kim Van Zant-Aune of St. Louis Park, now that you stated stated your perspective, what do you suggest? Your rather lame "gun control as we have it now means there is no control at all" is inaccurate at best. There is certainly control. All law abiding citizens obey gun control laws. Every one of those dead students was obeying the law. The shooter was not under control. What law would you propose that he would have observed? What statute would you have had on the books that would have stopped him dead in his tracks? Only one I know of: having an armed student in that classroom.
We tried it your way: NIU is a gun free zone. How'd that work for you?
Now, I'm going to tell you a real dirty little secret that we firearms owners know that you flamers on the left either don't know or refuse to acknowledge: if you wanted to, you could go and buy, illegally of course, a firearm within 10 miles of your comfortable house out there in that cushy western suburb.
So, if you read this, please tell me in comments 1. What statute you'd propose so this will never happen again 2. Exactly how that statute will work-not how you wish it would work, but the day-to-day mechanics of that law on the streets.
Oh, and a by the way, what would you have done had you been in Cole Hall that day? Stood up and told Mr. Kazmierczak, in absolutely NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that was violating a gun free zone law? I'm sure that he would have, at that point, dropped all his weapons and signed up for a lifetime membership at the VPC (Violence Policy Center).
I'm quite certain.
If only you had been there.
So, to answer Ms. Van Zant-Aune's first question: it seems like a lot more will have to die, thanks to people like you. Hugh Hewitt has on his radio show a quote from Samuel L. Jackson from Die Hard III "I don't like you because you're going to get me killed!"
You're going to get a lot more people killed Ms. Van Zant-Aune.


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