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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Precinct caucuses

Here in Scott County, MN (the fastest growing county in MN) we caucused . We caucus below the county level by state Senate Districts (ours being Senate District 35). In my city, savage, we have seven caucus districts. We had well over 300 attendees, many first time.
The big thing was the Presidential Preference Poll. I had to explain a few times that the preferential poll is non-binding and is only a snapshot. Here is the breakdown:
Huckabee 62
Keyes 1
McCain 64
Paul 44
Thompson 1
Uncommitted 1
Romney 181
Romney out polled all other candidates combined 181-173.
I was quite pleasantly surprised.
That being said, I had the opportunity to talk to my Republican "Mom" as she was leaving. I told her that basically I/we were facing the same dilemma as Republicans that Republicans will face in November. I support Romney because he's not McCain. He's certainly a decent man, but not near the conservative I'd want. But, he's the lesser of two evils.
And in November I'll have that same bad choice again: speed toward the cliff at a Barack Obama/Paul Wellstone 192 mph or slow down to a Norm Coleman/Tim Pawlenty 137 mph.
P.S. Just heard NARN say that someone is a recovering Fred Head. Same here. My only excitement is stopping McCain.
And I don't ever want to hear again "Vote For Me. It Will Be Worse With The Other Guy" as a campaign slogan. Sounds like 2006 redux again for me as a conservative.
But, I promise I will vote on November 4th.
Go listen to Bill Bennett tomorrow morning on AM1280 The Patriot. He'll give cogent analysis.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott County - New Market Township: I have not seen near these numbers since 1980!!!!
2006 - 5 attendees; 2008 - a bunch more.
Preference tally:
Romney - 31
McCain - 11
Huckabee - 9
Paul - 7

1:16 AM  

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