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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

non sequitur

I'm watching "Triple Cross" on National Geographic. It's a special on AQ in America. One character with which I had no familiarity is named Ali Mohamed. He was s sergeant at Ft. Bragg, stole training manuals and was a spy for OBL. Wanting more information I googled Mohhamed's name with the qualifier sergeant and 9-11. I came across this article from our favorite paper, the NYT. All the dates I'm seeing in "Triple Cross" are all 1990's. The article excoriates GWB for not capturing OBL. Yet with all that was happening on Clinton's watch, the NYT article never mentions all the incredible opportunities the Clinton FBI, CIA, NSA and Justice Department had to indentify and hold Mohamed. And it appears that the FBI had incredible evidence on him.
What impresses me is the NYT never even refers to the Clinton failures over eight years. Just that OBL is still loose. Big deal. One man, a symbol. Thousands dead because Clinton failed.
Again, I wonder what Sandy Berger really destroyed. And how harsh that nasty letter to him from the Bush Justice was.
It must have been stinging.


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