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Friday, February 01, 2008

McCain, CPAC and Dr. Schoenleben

Dr. Schoenleben was my dentist when I was a boy. The day before an appointment with him, I brushed my teeth until my gums bled. Yup, I was gonna brush away all the effects of Slo Pokes, Jolly Ranchers and a toothbrush gathering dust. Just watch.Brush, brush, brush, brush...
And so John McCain is walking into the lions den by agreeing to go to CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), the conservative epicenter that he snubbed last year. And I believe there's a bit of the old dread of Dr. Schoenleben in the Senator. How he thinks he's going to walk in make nice with the people (and their love of liberty) that he's poked in the eye consistently for years and walk out feeling good is beyond me. This makes as much sense as the abusive husband telling his wife "I've changed. Really. Not like those other times I said I changed and didn't. This time for real!"
I brush and floss regularly now.


Anonymous Watchdog Gramma said...

Amendment X: Let McCain walk into the "dentist office". He'll certainly be found with many cavaties and get drilled!

4:20 PM  

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