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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The machine and the reality

Now, after scewering Savage Republican, let's get back to agreement. SR has stated a number of times that he never counts the Clinton Machine out. Ever. I agree. But it's not the machine anymore that should concern us. It's what the machine is programmed to do.
I caught the last few minutes of "Terminator II: Judgment Day". Ahhnahld, the Terminator took the steel rod through the processor after being hammered and dismembered. But, power was re-routed and the automatic reboot took over. And the Terminator Machine was off and operating to do as programmed. Period.
So, even with Prairie Pravda saying Hillary is on the ropes, that with the machine being broken, the software that runs the machine is still there. The Clintons want the Presidency. They feel they are deserving of the Presidency. What the Democrats want is of little or no importance. The Clinton Machine is programmed to obtain the nomination.
As Jim Geraghty said on BTR today that Hillary's exit in Denver, should that be the case, will not be a sound of adieu, but of fingernails screeching across the floor as she is dragged away from the podium screaming "That nomination is MINE. Do you hear me, MINE!?!"
Programmed for one thing and one thing only.


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