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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Dangers of having Software and Time

So the theory floated that week and today is that Romney is losing because of some great conspiracy between McCain and Huckabee to use Huckabee to split the conservative vote.

A look at super Tuesday victories should put that to rest, Huckabee won conservative states, Romney did not.
But lets put the theory to a test - I looked at all the 2004 red states.
Throwing out Arkansas and Arizona because of home field advantage for Huckabee and McCain (didn't have to throw out any Romney because his home field is blue).

So I took a look at the rest:
In every red state that Huckabee won, Romney came in third.
How about red McCain states? Nope same result Romney in third.
In the few red states that Romney won, Huckabee came in second in each.

So who is hurting who?

It appears that the longer Romney stays in - the more he insure a McCain victory.
Add that to Fred work in S.C. and it looks like one group is doing there best to get McCain elected.

McCain has the Main Stream Media - Romney has money and the alternative media and yet Huckabee keeps beating them both. Maybe this grassroots thing really works.


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