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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another reflection

Chad the elder has a very interesting post.

While I don't agree completely with his over premise (that McCain is the only one who can win), I think he has a point with this:
- Romney is a good man with many fine qualities. But if I'm going to sign up for a sacrificial defeat of Goldwater-like proportions, I want it to be with a man of Goldwater-like convictions. With the prospects of a McCain nomination looming ever closer, a number of pundits are suddenly touting Romney as some kind of conservative standard bearer. Yet most of them kept their distance from Romney for all these months hoping for a real conservative to support. Why? Because they doubt if this latest incarnation of Romney is the real deal. There can be a certain nobility and honor in defeat, but not by going down with The Mitt.

That is one of the reason I am supporting Huckabee - He has a proven track record on key issue to me: Life, 2nd Amendment, States Rights and he has not changed his story.

You can disagree with his vision, but a least it is a consistent vision.

I will take pride that I stood for life and honor.


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