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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Would you please allow us to throw more money at you?

I've blogged before on the fact that we in America are not dependent on foreign oil. We choose to not use what we have. The liberty hating, capitalism hating radical socialists and radical environmentalists have had their way for far too long. We have incredible oil reserves within our borders: the Gulf of Mexico (which also mentions the abiotic theory of oil), the coastal shelf and the Naval Petroleum Reserve Number 4 (better known by it's new name ANWR). Oh, and let's not forget the huge potential of oil shale!
And so what is GWB doing right now in the Mideast? Pleading with the Saudis (and OPEC) to up production to bring down oil prices! We sit on huge reserves of our own, but GWB is intent on sending more dollars to the Mideast when we could just as easily be drilling and refining our own reserves without risking the dangers of the Straits of Hormuz and the political whims of the Muslim world.
I don't get it at all. And we waste money on ethanol all the while pushing food prices up.
Again, I don't get it.


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