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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Talking Points

I hate responding to talking points - But Amendment X doesn't like me commenting in his posts, so here we go:

Talking point 1:
"Governor Huckabee has recently said that he would sign a federal smoking ban"

Could you clarify your views on tobacco regulation?
MH: Certainly, I don’t believe that we as a govt have a right to tell people what to do or not do. The issue is one of workplace safety … the same reason that the govt regulates the exposure of radon and other toxic gases in the work place. In AR I signed a bill that banned smoking in certain public areas and businesses, but not in bars/restaurants, because those were places consumers could more easily choose to go to or not. So, in the work place, if we regulate smoking, it is an issue of worker safety. Even though I think it’s an unhealthy habit and is terribly expensive to the country, but when that smoke reaches my nose, that right ends. The responsibility initially lies with the states of course. The only way this would be a federal responsibility is for it taking on that roll as part of OSHA as it regulates other work place safety.
[Not a big OSHA fan, but don't see any issue here from a conservative point of view]
(*Also, Mitt fans probably want to stop pushing this -
"Governor Mitt Romney, who had said earlier in the year that he preferred to leave smoking laws to individual cities and towns, but who now says he is willing to consider a statewide ban." Boston Globe, 2003)

Talking point 2:
"Would push federally mandated, government run health care"

MH: Government-run socialized medicine is not the answer but neither is employer controlled insurance. You should own your insurance.
MH: "I think the better idea is to turn [health care] over to each individual...I trust me a lot more than I trust the government or a lot more than I trust the insurance companies." The best way to fix our health crisis is to put the decision into the hand of Americans and reward them for making the correct one.
(*For a good discussion on why employer health care is starting to be a problem read - "liberal fascism", Employer owned, government mandated health care is the problem right now)
(* Also, don't think Mitt Romney fans want to go with this line of attack - Mitt actually implemented Gov't Run Health Care)

"Mandatory weight control"
See above, but even if he was for it can you blame him - look at that picture of him in AK and now.

Since people like talking points -
Romney's Health Care Plan:

Provides Taxpayer-Funded Abortions. Abortions are covered in the Commonwealth Care program that Romney created as Governor. Under the program, abortions are available for a copay of $50.

Guarantees Planned Parenthood A Seat At The Table. Romney's legislation created an advisory board and guarantees, by law, that Planned Parenthood has a seat at the table. Romney's plan established a MassHealth payment policy advisory board, and one member of the Board must be from Planned Parenthood. No pro-life organization is represented.

Incredibly, Romney used his line item veto to strike things from this plan that he found "objectionable" (such as dental benefits for Medicaid patients) but he DID NOT strike the $50 elective abortions or Planned Parenthood's demand that they be given a seat at the negotiating table to ensure the continued EXPANSION of abortion.

As someone said,
Is 50 bucks-per-baby "100% pro-life" to you.

That does not seem too conservative to me either fiscally or socially.

New Post Debate Update:
How about the Second Amendment -
Romney supported an assault weapon ban and the Brady bill yet still claim to support the second amendment?
He explains that those were bipartisan bills that he supported, but trust him, he won't take your guns. I assume he means unless there is bipartisan support to take them. Of course, why take them when he can just support the laws to effectively ban them.


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