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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Social Justice, affordable housing and NIMBY

Ah, the truth that "Every revolution eats its children" is on parade and review in Minneapolis.
A left wing church, Mayflower Congregational Church where their motto is:"An open and affirming, peace with justice congregation" has made a decision to practice local social justice. And from that motto y
ou know where that congregation is going. However, to show that they are willing to do as Christ said to care for the poor (not force others to do it) they donated their parking lot to have an "affordable housing" development built. Now, make no mistakes, "affordable housing" means "subsidized housing". But, that they were willing to do and not make others do is commendable.
However, it seems that others in the neighborhood that believe in and proclaim and preach "social justice" like to have that philosophy practiced, well, somewhere else.
Prairie Pravda has an article where a neighborhood resident Harry Kaiser says that he is active in social justice issues at his church, but:"
he's not entirely comfortable opposing the housing project that's planned across the street from his south Minneapolis house."It's really tough for me to come out against affordable housing," he said. " Oh. Well then.
This guy shows the naked core and hypocrisy of the left :"Oh yes, I'm all for it as long as it doesn't cost me anything or I don't have to tolerate it!" As long as "affordable housing" is located far from him, well, let him sign the petition or vote for the government that will put it in YOUR neighborhood. But , oh no, not his.
These are the same people that want "smart growth" so, look at their protest signs(click for larger view):

Ya just got to love the rich irony here and the chutzpah of these lefty frauds.

A P.S. Notice in the Prairie Pravda article that the "affordable housing" is being moved out of the worst areas of the city into middle class neighborhoods. Well, you people in Minneapolis elected R.T. Rybak and all this lefty ilk as YOUR representatives. Congratulations. How does it feel, Mr. Kaiser to hoisted on your own petard? To be face to face with what you force others to have to live next to? Seems that there's proverb about making and sleeping in a bed. Say, Mr. Kaiser, just a quick thought: have you ever asked the appropriate agencies and the City Council when "affordable housing" will be going into Kenwood? Or around Lake Calhoun? Or up and down Minnehaha Creek?
Just a thought.
A form of righteous schadenfreude now being exercised, thank you.


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