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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mitt Romney, Conservative?

One of my core beliefs is that you can not be a Social Moderate and a claim to be conservative on other issues.

The reason being that to be Social Moderate (Pro-Abortion, Gov't Heathcare, Gay Marriage) requires you to use the force of government to go against the will of the people - Not a strong conservative position.
And all of those usually require lots of tax dollars (blowing the fiscal conservative tag.)

So it is with some concern that I see a few conservative I know support Mitt because they feel he is the most conservative of the remaining candidates.

I find this strange given his support for government health care, his implementation of Gay Marriage and he support for abortion and tax payer funded abortions.

He claims to have changed now - but using abortion as an example, even that proves my point. When asked about Roe v. Wade his answer is: "I would ban abortions."
The problem with Roe v. Wade is not just its outcome (abortion) but the main problem is that it is bad constitutional law. That is the answer I want to hear from my candidates (and the answer you hear from good Justices like Alito and Thomas).

As I google, Mitt and Abortion I found this year old post on YouTube.
While I would not want my present judged solely on what I said over 10 years ago - take a look and then tell me again how conservative he is now.


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