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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

2 for 2 - Ready to Call it

Some are still reading tea leaves, but with two states doing exactly what I felt would happen , I am ready to repeat my prediction from the Christmas Party and as I repeated on NARN.

First DFL - Hilary will win.
While everyone was talking about Obama's momentum, I reminded them Hilary has the machine and predicted there would be talk of issues in voting in NH.
Sure enough - Though not one poll showed her winning, she won.
She has even stronger machines for Super Tuesday.
Remember the Democrats do not just have a straight vote. In most places it is a highly scripted "dance" and he who pays the band gets to call the dance.

On the GOP Side -
- Fred: was 1-2% in NH, I don't anticipate a SC miracle.
- Romney: was also the other big loser in NH. He needed a NH/Mich double. He needs a blowout in Michigan to keep going and I don't see it happening.
- McCain: has his moment, but immigration kills him form now to Super Tuesday.
- Giuliani: Ignored NH, but still he got no mo., no excitement anywhere and Florida will be too late.

So that leaves Huckabee:
He did better in Iowa than expected, did as expected in NH.
I predict he will surprise in Michigan v. Romney & a good showing there leads to SC victory and a close finish in Florida.

So my prediction is Hillary vs. Huckabee


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