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Friday, December 28, 2007

Ron Paul and James Janos

I read my friend Ed Morrisey's blog Captain's Quarters . Ed and I meet from time to time. We discuss, what else, politics and an upcoming project attempting to right a wrong for a WWII veteran. That being said, I noticed that he rails against Ron Paul. Sometimes I think wrongly.
I notice the same thing from Michael Medved and especially unapologetic Mitt Romney acolyte Hugh Hewitt. Well, swing away at Ron Paul all they like, he still raises money like no one else. His supporters are incredibly passionate and motivated. I went to the AM1280 The Patriot Republican debate with Rusty Humphrey about a month ago. The Ron Paul Fan Club/MN Chapter was there in force. Congressman Paul won the straw poll at about 45+%.
The question I ask isn't about Ron Paul and his stance on the issues. I take a step back and ask a question that I haven't seen anyone else ask with any degree of honesty. That question is why or what do Ron Paul's supporters like or find so attractive about him? The major bloggers and pundits and talk radio hosts would and do dismissively ask that question. I ask it honestly and reflectively. I find parallels between Paul and James Janos. Janos had incredible support because he was "not either one of them". He wasn't a Democrat nor was he a Republican. His supporters believed that. I found him to be what I called a Democan or Republocrat. But, though he was pilloried and dismissed by the press, his supporters were loyal and passionate.
I believe that Paul's supporters find that same type of resonance with Paul. Paul doesn't nibble around the edges. Many of his statements are about important and sober topics that unfortunately still leave most voters looking for the mute button on the remote.
And so I posit that Paul's supporters find him not to be anything like all the other Republican candidates. That he gives them a reason to be excited and passionate. he gives them a reason to vote for him rather than voting against someone else. Dr. Paul runs all his congressional votes based on the same matrix: Is it Constitutional? Does it conform to my oath of office? Does it conform to my campaign promises? Though there are many things with which I agree with Dr. Paul due to how he votes, I'm also clear he has no hope of getting the nomination or of getting elected. But, again, he has attracted a number of ardent fans and contributors. Dismiss him at a certain risk and peril.
And in case you don't recognize the names James Janos, his ring name is Jesse Ventura.



Blogger The Lady Logician said...

I really suspect that a lot of Congressman Paul's supporters have not looked at anything beyond the slick flyers that the campaign hands out. If you read the flyers, how can you NOT support him? However, when you dig into his Congressional record, you find that he is (sadly) just another politician saying whatever he thinks will resonate with the voters.....

One of these years we just might get someone who really means what he or she says.....


10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LL - Could you be more specific and give an example of what you mean about his record.

There are lots of reason to have issues with Ron Paul, but his congressional record is not one of them.

He has been one of the few fiscal conservatives.

2:35 PM  
Blogger The Lady Logician said...

Anon - Fiscally you are correct - Paul is very conservative - unless the earmarks are for his district. However, socially he is more libertarian than Conservative.

One of the problems that I see with a lot of voters right now is that they are only looking at the candidates stand on one single issue. The thing is we need to look at the candidates from ALL SIDES.

Oh - if you want to see more, I have several posts up on the subject.


7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ll - Don't need lots, could you provide one example of being just another politician in votes.

I don't see any inconsistencies in what he says and how he votes.

Since you have lots of examples, how about one.

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess what lady logician was say was -
"I don't really have any examples, I just parrot back standard attack lines"

9:52 AM  
Blogger The Lady Logician said...

Talk about standard attack lines...someone doesn't get back to you immediately and you go into "I see you don't have anything..."


7:55 PM  

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