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Friday, December 28, 2007

Irony, shcadenfreude and 1968

I took Mom to get her four month surgical review. I was reading the October issue of Mpls/St. Paul magazine and saw a very friendly article about the eco street terrorists called "Critical Mass" who have now arrived in Minneapolis. What impressed me was the cheery, upbeat tone of the Mpls/st.Paul magazine article in light of what's been reported about these two wheel thugs here in Minneapolis. Here's my read on this: it's not a coincidence that radical, liberty hating, left wing anarchy groups are showing up here in Minneapolis and St. Paul. With the national Republican Convention just over nine months away, they are testing the response and resolve of the mayors and police departments in advance to plan maximum disruption of the convention. And they have fertile ground to be encouraged. Read the two linked articles again and see the similarities between the two cities responses. Critical Mass and other fellow travelers are well encouraged and emboldened. Mayors Rybak and Coleman have sown seeds that will bear bitter fruit. And here's what I find ironic: being the leftists they are, the Mayors of the Twin Cities support radical notions, though publicly distance themselves, by the prosecution that they cut short. The message "Don't do this or a nasty letter WILL be sent home in your backpack". Note that the San Francisco motorists and bus riders had had enough. That shows a failure at the city executive level. And shows the incompetence of lefty mayors who are the chief law enforcement officers first and foremost.
I vividly remember the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968. A very good friend of mine missed the bus that would have taken him into the center of that mayhem and chaos.
And who, pray tell, was the Mayor of Chicago at the time? One Richard J. Daley. And who became the single man focus for the blame for all the riots that occurred at the Convention? Richard J. Daley. And who will become the foci for any and all riots that occur in September 2008? Mayors Coleman and Rybak.
Watching Coleman and Rybak try to control their left wing friends while trying to keep the limelight on themselves should prove interesting.


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