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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cars driving themselves again??

Three headlines up on the Strib today about car crashes:
1. "Two killed in crashes in Stearns, Carver counties"
2. "Close call with train and 2 drivers"
3. "SUV fails trying to pass on 2-lane road, hits oncoming car and kills other driver".

I of course read the third one wondering how the SUV was able to pass without a driver.

After reading discovered that the SUV did indeed have a driver, you find out in the fourth paragraph.

I am sure this is part of the Stribs SUVs are evil campaign.

The SUV driver was treated for non-life threatening injuries, the other driver died.

Because one was an SUV, no because, according to the state Patrol,
Both cars air bags deployed.
The SUV driver was wearing a seat belt.
The dead driver was not.

Maybe a more useful headline would have been:
Head on crash, driver not wearing seatbelt dies.

But that doesn't fit the template.


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