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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Appreciating blazing insight.

Ya know, when Prairie Pravda exhibits deep acumen and wisdom, well, I've just got to congratulate them. The top of the online fold reads "Crackdown Turns Around Crime in Minneapolis". The core of the article reads:"Apprehending the worst offenders and putting more cops on the streets has helped stem violent crime, which spiked last year..." The reporter states that apparently jailing lawbreakers and putting more cops on the streets works in reducing crime! WOW! Who could have known?
So, yah mean having a green roof on City Hall, having an Afro-American Mens Center, jobs training, etc didn't and doesn't reduce crime but arresting criminals does? Huh.
Well, welcome to a world where the sky is blue, Mayor Grossly Apparent.
However, there are still those race pimps that want everything their way. "
Still, "I don't think people feel safe in Phillips," said Clyde Bellecourt, co-chairman of the Police Community Relations Council. "I don't see people walking alone at night, and more houses seem to have bars on windows." And yet, Bellecourt and the Police Community Relations Council are suing the Minneapolis Department (story here).
Yup, so the message from Bellecourt and the PCRC is "You're not doing enough to protect us while we're suing your butt!!!"
And if that isn't enough, read this article on Anti-Strib. Then remember how Hizzoner R.T. Rybak went to Governor Pawlenty to beg for more state money to put more cops on the streets of Minneapolis? (Notice how MPR [Marxist Propaganda Radio] spins the article as if the state is to blame for crime in Minneapolis? Your tax money well spent keeping them on the air).
Just a few more in the long list of reasons I don't and will never live in the sinkhole called Minneapolis.


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