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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Democrat Dream of Amnesty Act Dies Again - Thank You Norm, for letting us see you as the RINO you are

Let's all call Norm Coleman's campaign office and let him know how much we appreciate him standing up for Harry Reid and supporting the "Dream of Amnesty" Act.

Let him know how his many votes are motivating you this election.

Let him know how much you appreciate his making it clear where he stands - with you or with the Democrats.

Call Norm's Senate office before a vote, but be sure to let his campaign know how you feel after the vote - I know I did.

There you will find sweet, understanding campaign staffers who will treat you on the phone just like Norm treats us in the Senate.

Norm's Campaign contact info:
Contact Us:
Phone: (651) 645-0766
Fax: (651) 233-2405


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, he did not vote for the DREAM Act (what a stupid name). He voted to debate it, as he did with the original comprehensive immigration bill. He then voted against the bill on final cloture. He says he expects to do the same with the DREAM act. It's frustrating, I know, but if the results are right, should we really be complaining?
J. Ewing

5:44 PM  
Blogger Savage Republican said...

This is the old Norm two-step.
I got the same message when I called the office.
Two problems.
1) If you believe that he would actually vote against it - there will still be enough votes to pass the bill - so by voting for cloture he was trying to have it both ways (I voted for the bill before I voted against it)
2) I don't buy that he was going to vote against it if his vote would decide it. I watched the immigration bill - Norm did not vote until the very end, as if he was waiting to see if his vote would help decide the bill.

Norm has no record of supporting legal immigration and his statements before the act indicated he was "undecided".

So again by voting for cloture (which before the vote the Dems thought they had 60 votes with Norm) He would have allowed it to pass, which only takes 51.

So the results would definitely not have been the same.

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His vote for cloture in this case was to ALLOW debate on the bill, and ANOTHER cloture vote would be required to bring the bill to a vote. His story is that he wanted to amend and "make the bill better" before voting against it. That story IS consistent with his actions, and my only argument with it is that the bill is unsalvageable and unacceptable from the outset. Even that concern is tempered by the realization that so long as the Senate is tied up with useless debate, they aren't actually passing something stupid. So long as the end result is correct and Norm doesn't cast a final vote "against" us, I find it hard to find fault. Frustration, yes, fault, no.

J. Ewing

6:54 PM  

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