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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Republican future

I've blogged many times about the runaway train on the tracks headed right for us called the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare. $70,000,000,000,000 in current dollars. And expanding at an additional $4,650,000,000,000 a year.
In 20 years, I'll be close to 80 years old. And our children will be in their 30's to 50's. And they will have to eat/fund that debt. And not a bite at a time. It will set the stage for intergenerational war. As Baby Boomers, we have demographically gone through the decades like a pig through a python. We have paid for our parents and grandparents Social Security and Medicare. And we expect that our children will pay for us. And what will they do when we force them to pay exorbitant payroll taxes to fund Medicare? They will vote for those Senators, Congressman and Presidential candidates that promise to cut benefits. We will vote for those who won't cut benefits. And there are more Boomers than Gen X''s. And when the tax burden crushes our children and grandchildren, where will their incentive be to work?
The reason I bring this up is an article from Real Clear Politics. Albert Hunt from Bloomberg tells of the upcoming problem with the 18-29 year old voters that will hit Republicans. The younger voting block is diversity oriented. They see differences as cool. They see Republicans as standing against "diversity". The Republicans have a brief window of opportunity. In that 20 years I mentioned, the least of the young voters worries will be gay marriage , immigration and "diversity". It will be that huge payroll tax bill that stares them eyeball to eyeball.
Mike Osskopp, Congressman's John Kline's District Director warned that the old concerns of "guns, gays and babies" didn't and won't resonate with voters anymore.
I tried to recruit a bunch of 18 year old voters at our precinct caucuses in 2006 with the recitation of the SS and Medicare liabilities. They were elected CD2 delegates, but never showed up. Alas.
If these voters are deserting the Repubs, that means they are/will vote Democrat. And the lefties will never, ever vote to address SS/Medicare. And so the young voters will be voting for their own destruction.
There is a window here. But it is narrow and very, very short. Maybe a decade at most. Maybe.


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