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Friday, September 14, 2007

Reflection vs Refusal

"Why are we so amazed when fig trees bear figs?"
This is a quote from a men's book of meditations that I used to read about twenty years ago. I have used it often, especially when it comes to leftists and their radical bastard offspring. They are so precisely predictable. They may use different words or terms, but they are predictable.
I predicted that just as General Petraeus spoke his last sentence, as he was breathing his last comment, as he ended his report, that within milliseconds, if that long, the " I Love America Only When It's Defeated" lefties would predictably shoot from the lip. They would not even attempt to review, reflect and/or analyze any of the Petraeus/Crocker report let alone all any or all the collateral material that came with their reports. And I was not disappointed. General Petraeus hadn't even hit the door push-bar when Senator Klobuchar stated "
It's time to chart a new course.... to get our troops out of harm's way.". No analysis, just the typical knee jerk "If Bush is for it, I'm against it!"
Micheal Yon said in NRO that he was asked by many journailsts what he thought of the Petraeus report, before it was delivered. His reply, after stating that the report will have to come out first:"
Even this coming week, after listening to the general’s testimony before Congress, I will have to read the report and transcripts numerous times, sleep on the information, and reflect on it in light of my own observations of the situation in Iraq. The outcome of the war in Iraq, and to some extent the greater War on Terror, will largely depend upon our decisions today. The outcome is too important for quick words. Many will try to be the first to report on the report, and their reports likely will be the most unreliable." And which one of the left will be the first to truly do even a minimum,realistic analysis of the report?
The left does not see this conflict in its true light. They never will. It is not the War in Iraq. It is the Battle in Iraq Against Radical Muslim Jihadis. The left sees this as their Big Arrow against GWB. It is here that they can strike a hard blow against GWB and Republicans. This very same thought process took hold of the left in 1974-1975 when they saw Richard Nixon weak from Watergate. The Senate, led by Senator "Water Safety Instructor " Kennedy withheld funds to put the US military back into Vietnam as the Treaty of Paris required . And in the process condemned over 2,000,000 to death so Kennedy and his ilk could score points on Nixon. And those very same people that played politics with Vietnamese and SE Asian lives are now willing to proclaim that very same death sentence not only to the Iraqis and the Middle East but also to us, Americans. These are the same lefties who never consider consequences. The never see beyond the immediate or beyond their feelings. These are the same lefties who always need, require and force others to pay the consequences of someone else's actions. This is an enemy that has no geo-political goals. The VC (Viet Minh) and North Vietnamese wanted the Japaneses, then the French, then the Americans out of their country.The Islamists want us either Muslim or dead. As I wrote last year on the five year anniversary "
Never forget who the enemy is. He wants you dead. He wants your neighbor dead. Your wife, husband, children,parents dead. He does not and will not discriminate. There are no negotiations, no compromises. There are no innocents. Not a one. And you will not be spared or shown any mercy."This enemy will kill the lefties- first. The lefties have no concept, none at all of this battle or what it is truly about let alone this war.
And so, they sing their Bush Derangement Syndrome National Anthem "I'm Against It" and risk condemning America and Americans and the West to the whims of radical Islam.
You hear it in their bleatings about Petraeus, their refusal to reflect.
And it bodes ill and danger to all. To all.
Oh and do something guaranteed to drive the left into frenzied deliriums: pray to The Lord:
"Father God, hear our plea. Thank you for keeping us safe. Thank You for those who stand a watch and walk the walls and risk all to keep us from harm. Remember them so kindly Father.We ask that You do not treat us as we so richly deserve. We have forgotten You. We have broken each and every one of Your laws. We chase after other gods. Bring us back to You. For Jesus sake. And in His name, the name that is above all names."


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