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Friday, September 07, 2007

Moonbats, Kool Aid drinkers and true believers

The Prairie Pravda editors seemed fit to put the story about the 24 hour incarceration of jurisprudence corrupter Mike Nifong under the category of "Sports". Don't ask me why.One day for destroying the lives of three innocent men and their families. Anyhow, outside of the jailhouse, there were a group of Nifong supporters:" A small group of supporters accompanied Nifong with signs reading, "We believe in your integrity and goodness.''" I had to read that small , one sentence paragraph at least twice. "Integrity"? "Goodness"? What on earth do these people drink? I thought that lead water pipes were illegal. Obviously not. And the real dangerous aspect of this is that these people are eligible to vote...for another Nifong. Yah wanna bet that they have Edwards, Kerry or Clinton bumper stickers aplenty?


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