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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jim Ramstad to Retire - I say, good riddance.

While others are talking that we should show some respect for Jim Ramstad, I say good riddance.

Before redistricting I was unfortunate enough to be in his district.
He never was a Republican, did not share our core beliefs and whenever a vote was close you could depend on him to sell out the party and more importantly our ideals.

Some say he was better than a DFL candidate in that position.

He was never there when it mattered.
And he blocked the way for a true Republican (can't challenge and incumbent) so when the conservative wave crossed the nation, Jim was there to help sink it.

And now it looks like some in CD3 want more of the same.

Either you think what you believe is good and right or you are just a politician and want to win.

But what is the point of "winning" if the result for you and the country are the same.

So long Jimmy boy, and don't let the flap on the big tent hit you on the way out.


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