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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Magnanimity defined

It always does one good to see benevolence, generosity and nobleness of spirit on display from the elders and scions of the famous. And my close personal friend Sid Hartman is quick to remind us of just how that public, gallant and magnificent trait is embodied and displayed for all to emulate in the Pohlad family.
As the controversy over how much the land for the new Twins Stadium is worth, Uncle Sid is fast on the trigger to point out that those poor suffering Pohlads will bear most or all the extra costs of the land.
And in what can only be called the height of chutzpah, Sid (did I mention that Sid is my close personal friend?) also quoted Twins President Dave St. Peter-"
There would be no ballpark had the Pohlad family not agreed to pay most of the difference between what Hennepin County had offered and what the condemnation group came up with".Uh, Sid? Mr. St. Peter? No. That is certainly NOT the case.
There would be no stadium if Governor Pawlenty had not signed the bill that nullified the law that gave the citizens of Hennepin County the right to vote, via referendum, on the tax bill that funds the stadium. There is only a ballpark because my widowed mother is forced to pay a tax to make the Pohlads richer. And you people lobbied to make sure she had no voice!That the Pohlads may have to fork over an extra $10MM when the Twins value goes up over $250,000,000 because of people like my mother being forced to make the Pohlads richer galls me to no end. And then to have Sycophant Sid laud the Pohlads for it...
BTW, I've written an email to David St. Peter. I'll let you know if and when he replies.


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