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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The government , the left and failure...again...still...

I was traveling on Monday and heard part of the Mark Levin Show on KTLK (100.3). He referenced a report on poverty that was coming out Tuesday. In the report, statistics on the poor were highlighted. There were a few that caught my attention. The first was that the average number of hours worked in a year by a poor family was 800. That averages out to 16 hours a week (assuming a two week vacation from a part time job). The report states that if the family would be supported by 2,000 hours of work a year (the equivalent of one full time job), that would lift 75% of all children out of that "official" poverty. One adult working a full time job. One way out of poverty:Work. Who knew?
The second point was the high illegitimacy rate of poor families. In other words, absent fathers. If the mothers would marry the fathers of their children,again, nearly 3/4 of poor children would be out of official poverty. Another way out of poverty: Gonna have children? Get married. Wow. Another stunner!
The report also highlights the horrendous situation regarding immigrants (both legal and illegal). One quarter of the poor are either first generation immigrants or the children of first generation immigrants.
And the report goes on to point to the failed "War on Poverty"programs that have failed and failed miserably. And these programs have, in fact, increased poverty and misery. All the while taking money from working Americans who were then not able to fully provide for their own families with the money they rightfully earned.
Notice that both of the points (work and having children outside marriage) are decisions. Decisions that have bad consequences. The vast majority of the poor have made bad choices. Or they choose not to do what would eliminate their poverty and misery. And why should their bad choices give them a legal claim on my and your money, time, life? And then those claims on your money breed more (pun intended) of the same of what those programs were supposed to reduce or eliminate.
And then we have this from Pravda on the Mississippi "A Most Glum Report for State's Families". What the commies on the Strib's editorial board fail to mention is that for the most part poverty is a consequence of real bad decisions. Their pronouncement:
Ever since President Lyndon Johnson declared a war on poverty in 1964, experts have debated the effectiveness of government antipoverty programs. But most analysts agree that a strong economy and a robust job market are the most powerful tools to cut poverty. Which is why it's troubling that the Minnesota economy seems to be doing so poorly now for low- and middle-income residents." No. It's not troubling at all. Well, at least not to rational and logical thinkers. The poor keep doing the same things that put them in poverty to begin with. They don't work enough and they keep having children out of wedlock. It's right there in the report that Prairie Pravda cites. Oh, and there is no debate. The Great Society's "War on Poverty" is a failure. A multi trillion dollar failure. End it.
But, once again, as I blogged before
about the excuses lefties proffer as to the reason their programs fail:
1. Not enough money has been spent.
2. Not enough time has been allowed.
3. The right people haven't been in charge.
4. The program needs to be modified (read expanded).
So, the three best choices to stay out of poverty?
1. Graduate from high school. Get a diploma.
2. Get a job. Any job. Establish a work history.
3. No children outside of marriage. Period.
All studies show that if these three points are kept, there is a better than 80% chance that you'll escape poverty.
Oh, and by the way, the poor in America are the envy of the world.
And speaking of subsidizing bad decisions and choices: we go to the Feds and Katrina. Oi vay! Talk about high priced lunacy and subsidizing that lunacy.
The feds have put over $127,000,000,000 of your money into putting people right back into the same place that floods and gets hit with hurricanes. The annual GDP of Louisiana is $141,000,000,000. And people are still complaining that $127,000,000,000 extra dollars or the equivalent of nearly a full year's GDP is not enough because THEY haven't had enough money spent on THEM.
Yup. The Feds. This is Big Government on parade. This is exactly what to expect from government. The exact same results would be achieved no matter who's in the White House or which party is in control of Congress. The bureaucrats march and regulate on...and on and on.
New Orleans is a sink hole. What did these people not know about a city that sits on the Gulf of Mexico, has hurricanes, is at sea level and has Lake Ponchartrain right next door to the north (use Google Earth and see where part of the storm surge goes)?
And the Feds use an obscene amount of your money to move people right back to neighborhoods that flood!?!? And at $127,000,000,000 of federal money (and this does not count all the private money and donations and volunteer work that has also gone into Sink Hole, Louisiana) there are still whole neighborhoods that are still the same as two years ago, only drier. And so,I'll ask the same question again: why do these people in New Orleans have a legal claim on our money because of their bad decision to live in a flood prone area that is in hurricane territory? And remember, these are the same people who elected Ray "Chocolate City/School Bus" Nagin as mayor.
A little story. A friend of mine from church told me about his Dad. His Dad is a trucker. So, he and his fellow truckers, in a display of real (not fake like Social Justice) Christian charity, went to New Orleans, on their own dime, to help rebuild. They were directed to an ethnically non-diverse neighborhood. As these Minnesotans worked, the homeowners sat in lawn chairs and watched. The next day when my friend's father and his fellow truckers showed up, the lawn chair sitters asked for the workers' lunches as the sitters didn't have lunch. The workers immediately gathered up their tools and came back to Minnesota.
And this from Anti-Strib as far as what FEMA and the Feds should really be building in New Orleans (The Big Chocolate Easy):

The left and lunacy.
Evidence large and clear of Einstein's pronouncement that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Or, in other words, if you keep doing what you've always done you'll keep getting what you've always got.


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