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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The other side of the hill

I've never hidden the fact that I'm a WWII history buff. Thirty years ago I took the entire year long study of WWII history at the U of M through extension classes (night school) where there were a number of similar amateur historians. One of our course books was the two volume "History of the Second World War ". Though not exhaustive, it is complete and the best short history of the war. After the war, Liddell-Hart had an opportunity to interview the captured German generals and the High Command of the Wermacht. He titled his book "The Other Side of the Hill". He took the title from a quote from Napoleon that what Napoleon wanted to do was to get into the mind of his opponent, that what he desired was to see on the "other side of the hill" as to how and what the enemy was thinking. This style of thinking is grossly, and dangerously lacking on the left. The left has no reason or logic, especially when it comes to war, economics, and well, reality. The reason I bring this up is two fold: Israel and Iraq (and by logical extension, the wider war on radical Islamic terrorism).
In America and Israel (because of incredible pressure from idiot American politicians, including GWB on this one), people and the politicians keep thinking there is hope for peace in the Mid-East. Sheer folly. What do the Islamists want: All Israelites and Jews dead. What do the Jews and Israelites want: not to die. OK, you brain trusts on the left and all the brains inside the Beltway, where's the middle position that can be negotiated between those positions? Einstein's definition of insanity seems to amply apply in spades in the Mid-East. Wait a minute... Nobel Peace Prize winner Little Jimmie Carter knows, I'm sure. (Since little Jimmie got his NPP, I've been buying Cracker Jack's by the palette looking for another one. Probably no check though. Dang!)
Now, Iraq. Ask any lefty point blank if we (the West) are in a war against radical Islam. And up or down, yes or no. If no, ask about the bombings in Bali (in 2002, where a nightclub was attacked and 202 young Australians were killed, and again in 2005). And the London attacks last week where innocent club goers were targeted? I'm sure that they'll slobber all over themselves trying to explain why these attacks don't constitute a war on the West. BTW, if you've ever seen pictures of a nail shrapnel bomb, well...
So now, I'll refer you to Michael Yon's website. He is former Special Forces. He is a true imbed
at his own expense (rather than hiding in the Green Zone and reporting from the hotel balcony while having cold drinks while keeping the thermostat at 70). He's been involved in a firefight while out with the troop. There are so many, many things that he reports on that you never hear from any other source, including, to their great shame, Fox News. Reports such as this or this or this (that I blogged about here in my Memorial Day blogs last year).
The story about Farah and Major Beiger came rapidly to mind when I read the this dispatch from Michael Yon. Troops from a nearby FOB went into a village outside of Baqubah (where Operation Arrowhead Ripper is being fought). The village had been taken over by AQ and the FOB nearby was being constantly attacked from the village. As the troop entered the village, the question was "Where are the villagers?" The answer was pieced together as the troop proceeded further. The troop were leery of finding dead bodies as AQ was known to put bombs into bodies, especially the bodies of children, knowing that American soldiers, sailors and Marines have a real soft spot for children. The village was known to be small and the villagers peaceful farmers. So, again, where were the villagers? As Colonel Martin
and his men entered the village in The Patriot, that question was asked, to which he replied as he looked at the embers that were all that was left of the church "They're here." The incredible stench from a palm grove answered the question where the villagers were. They were here. And so were their children. Beheaded children.
I've come across another blogger who takes a less direct approach to the evil that AQ represents. AQ attacks, tortures and beheads children. There was no report in the mainstream press when over fifty mass unmarked graves were located in Iraq a few months after we invaded. One grave had over 1,500 children in it. One thousand five hundred murdered children. Same with the children in this village. A murder bomber in Jerusalem was on his way to a synagogue when he saw a group of women with children in carriages. The bomber turned to kill them instead.
The left never speaks out on the death of children (why would they when they support the procedure of opening the skull of an unborn child and sucking their brains out). You never hear them speak out about the evils of Islam with anywhere near the bile and vein popping energy and screams that they reserve for American soldiers who place themselves in harms way to save these very same children that AQ butchers with abandon and clear consciences.
And so Michael Yon shows us "the other side of the hill" to show us how AQ operates and how radical Islam has operated ever since Yasser Arafat (hot enough for you yet Yasser buddy ?).
So, read and support Michael Yon.
We need at least another dozen like him.
P.S. Rep. Michelle Bachman reports exactly what I've just blogged, that the real story of the overwhelming successes that the soldiers, sailors and Marines have accomplished have been ignored (deliberately so IMHO) by the press. And that includes Fox News.


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