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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

To Claify Cloture Yes = Amnesty = No Norm

Norm is saying that he voted for cloture to see if they could get the good amendments added. (enforcement etc..)
B as in B
S as in S.

They do not need any new laws. The laws are already on the books just not being enforced.

This is the kind of RINO BS I have come to expect from Norm.

-- Now that he finally voted against Cloture, some are saying we should reward Norm for doing the right thing.

I will believe he did the right things when he does the right thing.
When I see him doing something to build the fence (Second) and start enforcing the laws and going after the people hiring illegals (first) then I will believe he is doing the right thing.

Call me skeptical.


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