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Thursday, June 07, 2007

My thoughts on Ron Carey for State Chair

On Saturday, I will be giving up a beautiful Saturday to go pick leadership for MN GOP.
After listening to the candidates and watching their actions since the CD meetings, I am voting to keep Ron Carey as our chair.

This decision was based on a number of reasons.

1) When I called for change in 2005, one of my concerns is that we could not wait until now to make a change. The 2008 elections have already started and we do not need someone without experience trying to learn the job and help run a parties campaign strategy.

2) Even after reason 1, I still thought a change might be needed based on the loses - but a look at other states (Colorado for one) shows that the GOP party hurt the base of support country wide and the results in MN were no worse (and actually better) then a lot of other places.

3) Ron seems to really want the job and has been responsive to requests. When I needed his help in 2006 he was there. And while he has not done everything I asked, when I talked to discuss policy or strategy, I understood that he did have a plan (and most of the time it worked.)

4) Even if I wanted to change, the other candidate while exciting at first mention has failed to show me any reason to vote for and a few reasons to vote against - specifically

4) Joe started his speech at the CD complaining about anyone making too much money.
I thought it was the start of a DFL tax increase speech.
(Something like "anyone who makes over x dollars raise you hand")
Now I know he was trying to show off that he would work for less than the current chair - but insulting anyone who is successful and has achieved shows a tin ear. Class warfare against the party is not something I want for a chair.

5) The McCain factor. I think it is no shock that I am not a RINO lover, so when I heard that Joe was going to lead the Veterans for McCain in MN I nearly fell off my chair. Say it ain't so Joe?
When I confirmed it, I shook my head. Now he may have done it to support a fellow veteran, but I want leaders who look at candidates based on party principals - and from the recent polls, so do lots of Republicans (McCain 3rd in polls)

6) Leadership experience - I looked around and could not find any political leadership. Part of that is because he was busy being a real leader (And for that I give him my sincere admiration and thanks) but leading men in combat is not the same as leading volunteers. Joe is a great PR guy for the party but not the greatest campaigner. Slogans and signs are one thing - herding a campaign committee is another

Which leads me to

7) His campaign. Joe either by choice or lack of control has had an odd array of folks be the face of his campaign. Allegations that his supporters leaked party documents to the press (which they continue to deny - and to which some say "thou doth protest too much" or "if you are playing defense you are not playing offense") Carey got ahead of the problem, Joe didn't and if Joe thinks things are going to be easier from the DFL??
His supporters range from the Angry, to the nasty, to the truly bizarre (a local leader is reported to claim Carey leaked the documents himself to help his campaign). But none of which have show any sort of unified front. This campaign has run him.

So if anyone cares what I think, on Saturday I will be voting for Ron Carey.


CCFA said...

Joe supporting McCain? So just why were you surprised?

Now Ron Carey REALLY needs to listen to CONSERVATIVES!

11:11 PM  

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