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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Carey Win Re-Election

Quick update - Ron wins re-election.

More Quick thoughts:
-If you tell a joke make sure it not over 20 years old.
-Evie is the best joke teller in the party (Sorry KJ)
-No, when I made my motion I did not really want to give a chance for each and every delegate to ask a question - I was trying to make a point (I learn from Mark Buesgens and the if we are going to ban smoking, lets ban it everywhere legislation) Most people got it, but I had a few ask me if I realized how long that would take.
-I want to learn sign language
-I will miss Deputy Eric - He keep the meeting moving right along (as best he could)
-When will people learn that if it is a close contested election that we will have issues with seating alternates and ballots. Someone has to find a better way to make sure the right number of people are there to vote
-Holding up your candidates sign while the other candidate is speaking is bush league at best, ignorant and rude at worse - Does anyone think they will get someone to change there mind by holding up a sign so you can't see the speak??
-Have fun at the convention. Too many people just sit there and give the golf clap and get up and down with the restof the group. If an elected official says something you like, give a good "Right on" or "Amen brother" and a polite hiss or cough lets them know they are way off track.

More later


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