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Saturday, March 31, 2007

LLOLLL and a futile debate

Much to do, little time. So, in conclusion, the 7 marched to Lagoon where the amorphous mass joined a larger amorphous mass at Lagoon and Hennepin. And there we were confronted by charter members of LLOLLL.

In an attempt to engage us, there were sporadic encounters. One woman came up to me (notice that members of LLOLLL can usually be readily identified by their eyeglasses?) and asked me if I were a veteran. I said no. I returned the question...blank thousand mile stare. Well, what about the fact that we're losing? My reply was what's your evidence? Another thousand mile stare. The ensuing conversation solidifies the proverb "never argue with a fool". All I heard around me were the same tired, discredited, repeated ad nauseum lies, myths, half-truths that we've heard for years:"We've made more enemies" (as logical as"My rapist will hate me and I'll be raped more if I defend myself"), "I support the troops but not the mission" ("Hey trooper-you're an idiot on an idiot's mission, dying and being maimed for no reason...But I support you!"), "Iraq had no role in 9-11" (ever hear of Salman Pak?), "The were no WMD's" (except here and here ). And to top it off, another protester challenged Mitch Berg and me with the long repeated lies "Why did GWB go AWOL? Where was he for 18 months? Why did he miss his physical?" To which Mitch and I basically said "You don't know what you're talking about!" We mentioned that the F-102 was the most dangerous fighter ever put into the US military inventory (nearly 1/3 of which crashed). Then Mitch repeated something I hadn't heard "Did you know that GWB volunteered to go to Vietnam?" My reply "Mitch, that would have been a full year long tour wouldn't it, rather than the four month tour that John Kerry experienced?" "Right you are Randy!" Mitch went on to relate the reason GWB wasn't assigned? It was 1972. The war was winding down. The US military needed ground support aircraft. The F-102 was an interceptor. It would have taken a year to train GWB in a ground support fighter. Not enough time, and no need as we were de-escalating our involvement.
As I was walking back to Dunn Brothers for a post protest-protest coffee, I reflected on Miss Left Wing Eyeglasses "I support the troops by bringing them home!" She's never directly asked any currently deployed trooper, sailor, Marine what they need. She has never asked how best she can support the military, how to best support the men and women who are "boots on the ground". Nope, she decided what was best for the troopers, sailors, Marines, airmen. No discussion with them. She had made up her mind, she knew best. Her moral arrogance on parade. She and all her ilk just repeat the same old tired lies and just like they know best how to run your life, my life, the health care system, Social security, Medicare and every other aspect of life, they also know exactly what the troops need as far as support.
They never change. Same lyrics, different tune.


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