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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Flush toilets and Democrat's military strategy

Well, now I'm into it. After being on The Northern Alliance Radio Network a few minutes ago, I'm now honor bound to explore the postulate of flush toilet technology and Democratic plans for Iraq.
I have a 1.6 gallon flush toilet. It is ineffective at best. I spend time to be sure that when I flush the thing that it doesn't clog or back up. It has clogged over a dozen times in the year I've been here. It has overflowed twice. And all this to save one quarter of a penny (the cost of a gallon of water here in Savage). My mother works at a elderly care facility. She says that the staff and residents know which toilets are 1.6 gallon vs. real working toilets. But, this "we know best how to save water. We're THE CONGRESS!" toilet that's been forced on us wastes my time.
And, I ask, if these 535 people in Congress can't get flush toilet technology right, how on earth do they think they can get a complicated military strategy correct facing the most critical battle against Islamic terrorists in Iraq? Short answer: they can't! Don't try. Leave the strategy to the experts and the adults. We trust you to tie your shoes. Nothing else. Yah know, on second thought, we recommend that you change to slip-ons as your attempted use of shoelaces poses a danger to you and others.


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