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Sunday, March 18, 2007

The "Brain Boy" Incident

The LLOLLL (languishing lack of logic loony left), after dutifully blocking traffic for a few blocks, disappeared into Calhoun Square, near Figlio's, which caused us to wonder if the patrons would be losing their lunch. Mitch and James disappeared into the building. I was with my four remaining patriots when I heard a brusque "EXCUSE ME!!!" and turned to promptly be shouldered by this oxygen wasting biped(with the red backpack:

I immediately addressed Bosco the Bloviating Biped, to which his rapid retort was "You didn't clear the ramp!" I was standing near the curb cut-out used by bicyclists, wheelchairs and the like. He continued to scream "YOU DIDN'T CLEAR THE RAMP!" My reply was "You assaulted me." His reply "I SAID EXCUSE ME! I HAD BRAIN SURGERY TWO WEEKS AGO!" My thoughts immediately were that "Lands! As there are no scars, sutures present and he has a full head of hair...WOW, arthroscopic brain surgery!" My reply "Brain surgery! So, they GAVE you a brain? Any good reason you're not using it?" His reply "I SAID EXCUSE ME! I RECORDED IT! IT'S RIGHT HERE!"(brandishing his cell phone. Well, one cell phone digital record is certainly worth another). While taking out my evidence recording device, he screamed again "I SAID EXCUSE ME! I RECORDED IT! YOU MOTHERF****R". My reply "Sooooo, you think you can get your money back on that surgery?" Well, I hope he gets that refund as his only comeback at that point was a stream of obscenity, at which point Mitch spoke up "Hey man, there are children here!" More obscenities from Bosco the Bloviating Biped, who later became known as "Brain Boy".
Alas, my cheap entertainment for the day walked away just as I was finding the range to bring up the heavy artillery.
Next: I futilely attempt a debate with a LLOLLL charter member.


The Lady Logician said...

Oh you didn' did not say that.....

We just can't take you anywhere, can we ;-p


7:16 PM  

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