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Saturday, February 24, 2007

So why do I pick on Jim Ramstad if I live in Savage

Some have asked why I have a beef with Jim Ramstad when he doesn't represent Savage right now.
Well thank you for asking:
First he "claims" to be a Minnesota Republican and such he has gets the limited to resources of the MN Republican Party - resources that could be used to help support real Republicans, so any Republican is fair game.

But more importantly, I have lived under his representation before.
Back when I was just The guy in Savage, I got involved in SD41 politics, back when Savage was part of SD41.
We were "represented" by Jim Ramstad and Bill Belanger.
It was during that time that a group of us were named the Savage Mafia because we threatened candidates with withdrawing support if they did not actually start representing us and the party. (Life Issues and Taxes being just a few of the concerns we had with them.)
Well redistricting came along and surprise, surprise Bill who was on the redistricting committee, gerrymandered ,most of Savage out of his district and also a few neighborhoods of other committee members in Bloomington. (So it was some joy to see Bill gone, partly because he got rid of his Republican base).
Anyway, with John Kline's strong conservative stands and Savage being a strong conservative district, it is within the realm of possibilities that in order to weaken him,
Savage will once again have Jim Ramstad as our representative again in 4 years.
And the MN Republican Party has made it clear that incumbent candidates will be protected regardless of their principals or support for the party.

And regardless, I will never feel it is my Duty to support Jim Ramstad!


Anonymous said...

Hey! It's NEVER a DUTY to support any representative, senator, city, county, state or federal officials...or even the Minnesota candidates running for chair.

It's a RESPONSIBILITY to support those who REPRESENT Savage Republicans!


11:22 PM  
Anonymous said...

Watch it! I'm NOT Anonymous!
I'm CCFA! I must figure out how to register my handle.

11:24 PM  

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