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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Free the Krispy Kreme!

As many know, The Savage Republican is a fan of Krispy Kreme and Twinkies (and airstreams, which are homemade twinkies wrapped in foil - but more on those at another time).

So our RINO Governor and RINO Senator have been pushing these stupid ethanol mandates.
Now, besides the mountain of evidince that they do nothing to help energy costs or supply, they are having on big effect. Like most government programs - the unintended consequences.

Right now for various reasons, I have been keeping an eye on the Fed reports and CPI.
Well the new numbers came out and inflation is a concern. Why? Well here is a quote from one of my favorite Mortage brokers blogs:
"Slice and dice these numbers as you please, the reality is that inflation remains a problem for the Fed," economist Joel Naroff sums up. He points out that the demand for fuel ethanol (which is a byproduct of corn) is making corn syrup more expensive. So your price at the pump goes down while the price of sugar, soda, candy and doughnuts goes up.

Wow, artificially increase demand and the price goes up - who would have thought.

So what we are doing is taking candy from a baby and giving it to buy votes in Iowa.

Good thing we elected Republicans - If those democrats were in charge they would be raising our taxes - instead we are lucky to have republicans who just raise the cost of everything.

At least we know our local party leadership is doing something to keep the politicians in line (or not ... more to come on this later)


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