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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hit the street running

Less than a week in power and as I posted here the lefties are lefties. Newly installed MN AG Lori Swanson has already lodged her first big lawsuit (as a matter of fact, her first lawsuit period) against a Minnesota company, Allianz Life. AG Swanson is a legal superwoman! She has the ability and the talent, in less than five working days, to gather all the evidence and file all necessary papers to enter a lawsuit against a major PRIVATE Minnesota employer and major provider of annuities. All I can say is-wow!
Now, I noticed that she's hired former MN AG Mike Hatch. A few loose dots and I'm wondering: do you think that this was one more lawsuit that Mike Hatch just longed to launch but ran out of time? That perhaps , just perhaps, all that paperwork was just sitting there at 1400 Bremer Tower just aching to be filed? And Ms. Swanson has decided to become Ms. Michelle Hatch, jr. And that she's hired Mike Hatch to assist here in her quest to follow her mentor and predecessor in making the business climate in Minnesota even more inhospitable?

And in those same five working days, the MN State Legislature has a $2,250,000,000 surplus (meaning that you and I have been overtaxed. This surplus did
come from reduced spending). And the lefties response to your being overtaxed? Come on. That's a rhetorical question. Their only answer is: Increase taxes. A sales tax increase. An increase in vehicle registration fees (a tax increase by another name). Increase vehicle taxes. Increase the gas tax. Allow counties to charge a wheelage tax. Allow counties to impose a county wide sales tax (if Hennepin County can do it, why not us?). And of course, the cry is for a cap on property taxes. How? Increase other taxes to be sent to St. Paul and then sent to sent back to the local governments, after of course the bureaucrats all along the way take their cuts to administer all the comings and goings of your money. Take that money from your back pocket (exactly like a pick pocket, and for exactly the same reasons) so the locals won't take it from your right pocket.
Oh, and as they increase taxes all around, they want to cap health insurance premiums. No irony or duplicity there.


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