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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The day before her coronation, I heard Nancy Pelosi say this "Democrats are back and that is cause for celebration," Pelosi told the crowd. "Thanks to you, working moms in this country know there's a mom in the speaker's office..."
My term for San Fran Nan: Tyrananny Nancy.
And as for the lefties sweep in November? So many have accused the Republicans for straying from the platform, both here in Minnesota and nationally. Nah. Not true. I only wish that were true. However, every one of those Republicans was elected. And they were elected by people who wanted to see the gavel in the hands of someone who had the "R" designation after their name. I've seen it here locally. I've seen it statewide. I've seen it nationally. The electorate was unwilling to hold Republican politicians responsible and accountable. They were elected by us and passed laws in our name.
Same holds true for every single erosion of our liberties.
As Walt Kelly so eloquently stated:


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