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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Circling the bowl

Hugh Hewitt has developed a spine! He was arguing , and heatedly,with Senator Ensign, head of the National Republican Senate Committee about Republican Senators supporting or considering supporting various resolutions questioning President Bush's recent troop deployment. Hugh blasted the Senator Ensign when he said that the NRSC is about getting back a Republican majority and Hugh was very clear: resolutions of this sort will NOT a majority remake. Hugh went on to say that he has split ranks with many of his Senate friends on this matter.
Hugh has a pledge to sign here that puts any and all Senate Republicans on notice.
I've also sent a webmail to Senator Norm Coleman (here) attempting to be direct while also being diplomatic that he should not even consider supporting any Warneresque, Hagelesque or Bidenesque "Sense of the Senate" resolution concerning the troop deployment. Even Tony Snow said that war trumps party. Agreed.
As I heard someone say in reference to Senator Coleman on this matter "Can anyone say 'Senator Franken'?"
P.S. I've just heard that Senator McCain is "doing for the war what he did for judicial nominations" (remember the Gang of 14?). Adios any chance he ever had to be President.


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