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Thursday, January 11, 2007


I listened to the President;s speech last night. I like the point he made about where and why the troops where going where they're going (over 80% of the terrorists' attacks happen within a thirty mile radius of Baghdad. Very similar to the vast majority of shootings, murders and assaults happen in just two zip codes in Minneapolis).
Now, I'm a military history buff. I took a full year of the history of WWII in college. Well over half of all the hundreds of books I own are military related. They go from front line soldiers (Band of Brothers for example) all the way up to the diplomatic papers between Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. I have a number of books dealing with that war that was the genesis for all modern warfare-The War Between the States. Now, all that being said, I probably have done deeper studies of war tactics and strategy than the vast majority of Congress. And we have a Commander-in-Chief and a military that is far more qualified to determine what's needed in Iraq than elected representatives. Period.
I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine. He's exasperated with Pawlenty and Coleman and their lack of support for the President. He said he'd be willing to give a pass to soemone who complains BUT offers an alternative to the President. Pelosi, Rangel, Hillary, Murtha even Coleman have absolutely NO counter plan. None at all. And none of the critics has stated what would happen if we left. I stated to my friend a great example of what would happen if we left is Fallujah. There was the first and then the second battle of Fallujah. The first was prematurely ended due to politics. And the second cost many more lives but was necessitated by the failure of the first. And what do those who oppose the battle against radical Islam in Iraq suppose will happen if we don't win there? What happened when we left Somalia? Lebanon? All that happened was that the radical Islamisists were encouraged.
And so it will be in Iraq.
So, when you hear someone criticize the battle in Iraq, as for a detailed counter plan.


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