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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another hit

My respect for Pat Robertson of the 700 Club has just taken a significant hit.
I'm doing some late night work and was watching the 700 Club when there a brief report about Los Angeles considering banning trans fat ala New York. Mr. Robertsons comments:
"Well, I'm not in favor of Big Brother, but..." whereupon he launched into the evils of trans fat (heart disease, cancer, etc). His closing comments "Well, if we don't do it ourselves, government will have to. So I approve." In other words "I approve of tyranny when I agree with it's motives." Well, Pat, why not mandatory taking of vitamins with random urine tests and blood work. Or, exposure meters ensuring that our sun UV exposure doesn't exceed safe limits? Or government required exercise with again random tests? Why not? It is for our good after all. If we don't do it voluntarily, the government should.
Walter Williams sees again the tyrananny state at work. I wonder why Mr. Robertson's vision is so occluded here?


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