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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sandy Burglar, now serving 15-25 in Leavenworth (or Marion, IL or Atalanta, GA) Maximum Federal Penitentiary

Well, seems that Sandy Berger, who plead guilty to stealing and destroying archived documents from the National Archives, is even more guilty. It was reported by the Inspector General that Berger hid papers under a construction trailer before taking them home to be "accidentally thrown away" after he "accidentally" may have inadvertently stuck these archived documents down his pants...accidentally.
My question is, why was this Clintonista allowed to get away with a felony with a hard misdemeanor punishment? And why isn't he in prison? And why did it take the Inspector General a year to make this report?
My suggestion: sweat him real hard as to what were in the documents (all related to the Clinton Administration and terrorism) and offer him 10 years off a 20 year hard time sentence at hard time place like Leavenworth if he is forthcoming...fully forthcoming.
But, this is an administration that's let run the Washington Post, New York Times that's become the reporting arm for Al Jezeera and seems to be, for all practical purposes, on Al Qa'ida's payroll. And not a whimper from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue about aiding and abetting from the MSM.


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