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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Liberty Lovers United

Last night about 70 like-minded people gathered at Stub and Herbs to eat, drink and discuss what ideas we had to keep our Second Amendment rights here in Minnesota in light of the left wing take-over (or rather Republican dereliction of duty) last 7 November. Joel Rosenberg invited conceal carry advocates for a get together to assess what needs to be done to preserve the MN Personal Protection Act (MNPPA). I sat and talked with Mitch Berg (A Shot In The Dark) and John Caile (information officer for MNCCRN) about politics, conceal carry, the best firearm to carry and a host of other topics. I also had the opportunity to talk briefly with my friend Duke Powell (R-40A) on what happened on 11-7-06. Not a pretty picture. Duke worked very hard and very long sensing that Republicans were in deep trouble. And he did yeoman labor in an unfortunate losing effort. He and I agreed that the public's disgust with Republicans extended and splattered even to rock ribbed conservatives, like Duke, ample evidence of collateral damage from the electorate's deserved anger. I also had the opportunity to talk again with Sue Jeffers about post election politics and her upcoming stint subbing for Jason Lewis after Christmas.
John Caile had an idea that Mitch grabbed right away and that I titled. John suggested that the Minnesota bloggers (MOB) get together for a shoot at one of the local ranges. I suggested the event be titled "The MOB Shootout". Joel also liked the idea and the title when Mitch and I talked about as we were leaving. So, watch for details. And be sure to listen in when Sue takes over the airwaves just after Christmas.


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